To Ask or Tell

What is the most effective means of knowledge acquisition? Consider this question professionally. When faced with the task of skill or concept development, what is the style of learning that causes the most deep-seeded attachment? Is it listening to a speaker hand out tools during a keynote presentation? Or does the ownership of the method follow actual use of those tools?

The question of "transfer" -- defined in this link -- is at the heart of business and educational efforts. How is knowledge acquisition managed? Is it more effective to "transfer" knowledge via the Cartesian method -- which says that by the nature of my position as teacher, I am qualified to pass down knowledge in "tell" fashion? Or is it more effective to facilitate an environment that encourages question asking?

One of the foundational principles of a YB education is an adherence to the latter. That's why we're going to employ "Knowledge Acquisition Specialists" rather than "teachers". Because at the end of the day, genuine adoption of information, tactic, method, etc can only truly be accomplished by doing -- by immersing to the point of inquiry.

And, in fact, no less than MIT is thinking about this very topic.